Limited Edition of 50 prints each.

Abstract shapes and lines seemingly hover over the surface of Michelle van Reenen’s expressionistic works on paper – stretching, merging, and flowing in a visual analogy of thought and emotion. The spontaneity and honesty of this approach is accentuated by the materiality of the work, with the medium itself being an agent in the making of the wider product. Alcohol inks and watercolour are dripped or brushed onto paper, with lines etched in ink, markers, or even bleach to create forms reminiscent of entoptic phenomena, sea creatures, maps, lights, cells, waves – all breathing, all shifting.

The delicate nature of the particular pigments and papers Michelle uses, which change over time as chemicals interact or break down, recognises the inconstancy of our minds. As an acknowledgment of this vulnerability, Michelle offers her images as limited edition prints, in order to preserve them.

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